CONTESTS: A Quick Intro

This contest ended 16 months ago

Welcome to the brand new Club Taco!

You have made it to the Contests page, and we'd like to take a second to teach you how this will all work.

Very soon, we still start to post Contests that every member of Club Taco can enter.

These Contests operate in a very simple way: You click the button to enter, and a random winner is selected by a mile long chain of computers that specialize in contest winner selection.

What can you win? You will just have to wait and see. The options are endless really.

So keep an eye on this page, the first contest will be posted very soon.


-You must be a registered member of to participate

-One (1) entry per person

-From the contest page, click the "sign up for this" button

-After you have signed up, if you see a button that says "cancel my sign up" you have entered successfully

-Winners selected at random

  1. Rocket avatar

    I'd sign up too but there's no button................

  2. Hynar avatar

    I'll take my chances...

  3. collaredprinzes avatar

    I am excited to see what this contest will be!

  4. collaredprinzes avatar

    I would love to sign up but so far I've only found this introduction page. Hmmm... well, if anyone would like to help, thank you in advance.

  5. Misty2012 avatar

    Blues music...
    Must see

  6. Juke avatar

    Nashvilly Pussy sucked when they played here in Idaho with ZZ...

  7. TerrenceRocks avatar

    I play ZZTop Better than Billy Does!

  8. billy rocker avatar

    I just want ZZ TOP to do my song????? please in JESUS name......

  9. Claude Turgeon avatar

    I'm very excited ZZ Top is finally coming to Montreal and I got myself 4 tickets. Can't wait.

  10. daddydarbo avatar


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