1. Alman avatar

    Can't wait to see ZZ Top tomorrow night. So the VIP Meet is after the show?

  2. ymcname752 avatar

    Your VI tickets are useless if you don't have a ticket to the show. Sorry to hear that

  3. dan bernard avatar

    i purchased 4 vip tickets to an apparantly sold out concert.be cool to meet the band but would rather see them play as i have never had to purchase seperate concert tickets before,especially to a SOLD OUT show. this is LAME MAN, i wonder if ZZTOP knows about this???

  4. rummdogg avatar

    Thanks for the info!!

  5. Moncton_guy avatar

    meet and greet takes place after the concert

  6. rummdogg avatar

    Anybody know when the meet and greet with the band will be held??

  7. Blavoddog avatar

    Never was notified of a Pre-sale, bummer.

  8. kingpin avatar

    pre-sale sold out fast for Moncton show

  9. bradcormier avatar

    When's the pre-sale?

  10. rrichard avatar

    Is there a fan club pre-sale for moncton show