1. B5280 avatar

    I think the show is sold out. What's the face value on the ticket if you still have it?

  2. La Dude avatar

    I have an extra ticket for the Denver show that I'll sell for face value. It's only 1 ticket. Or- you purchase 1 ticket from the ZZ Top ticket website that still has some single seats available for a seat in say row G, sell me that seat and I can then sell you my 2 seats that are together in row N.

  3. Mel1476 avatar

    We will be visiting from out of country and would love to attend the show. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to where I might be able to find 2 tickets from a reputable source. I am only interested in paying face value for the tickets and am afraid of being taken advantage of. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you!!

  4. Cuz in Heaven avatar

    My best friend and I will be attending your concert @ the Paramount Theater on 3/8/14 in memory of my cousin, Richard (Cuz) Garver who died on 9/15/07 due to a drunk driver. It was two weeks before his 50th birthday. Cuz and I attended your concert at McNichols Arena. It was the last concert before the building's demolition. After the concert there was a spectacular firework display but it didn't compare to how spectacular and memorable your show was. I have not attended a concert since. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you could find it in your heart to give a "shout-out" to my Cuz at some point during your show, it would mean the world to me for the rest of my life. I know my Cuz will be there in spirit with me and jammin' with you. Thank you, Lisa Harrison

  5. La Dude avatar

    When do the tickets get mailed out?

  6. pprivett avatar

    I have four tickets for Orchestra Center that I need to sell. Only asking the price I paid, $110 (plus listing fee). Will only sell in pairs. They are listed on flash seats.com.

  7. ad81435 avatar

    So, your not allowed to buy one VIP and one regular ticket and sit together?

  8. guy orvis avatar

    Just got my VIP ticket to see the greatest band. Can't wait to meet Dusty, Billy, & Frank. LOVE THE MUSIC !!!

  9. Grantomug avatar

    I can't get this thing to find me 2 seats??? did you sell them all to scalpers and re-sellers??? this sucks!

  10. La Dude avatar

    I like how I had great seats and then the order wouldn't process on the final page even though my time had not expired.