1. SunSpot Baby avatar

    So excited about the show tonight at the Ampitheatre, but went to get our tickets early to avoid waiting in line later and they told us at the box office that they didn't have "the list of names" yet from you guys. So, wasted trip! Bummer! What up guys?

  2. MikeQ00 avatar

    You boys blew the gear UP on the Rock Legends Cruise... I wanna see the rest of La Grange and the fitting ending to a spectacular show! I have to admit though, I get a lot of mileage out of the tale. Amp fries... Billy and Dusty lookin' at it, then at each other, then the rotten amp, then, like it was planned, turned together to the adoring and amazed fans and said, "That's it, goodnight!". You can't get that synced up in less than 30 years together. Love it! Rock on.

  3. Bluetail avatar

    Will be on vacation from England - I always see them when they tour the UK - will be amazing to see them on home soil!

  4. SunSpot Baby avatar

    Woo Hoo!!! Got me some goood seats on here! Better decision than to go throught ticket master on the other web site. We'll be there, it'll be a Friday, havin' Just Got Paid Today, got me a pocket fuuull a change.... :)))

  5. SunSpot Baby avatar

    So excited for this show! I still have my "Cheap Sunglasses from a show 17 years ago- I'll be wearing them! Hope to hear some good ol' blues tunes from the early days... Now just gotta get good seats...

  6. ColWoody avatar

    DUDES! Waco last May, Corpus last fall, Now my hometown!! Retiring that week from 30 years in military, flying home from San Antone to see you, HAW HAW HAW HAW!

  7. BlakeWilson2 avatar

    Ive been listening to your music for most of my life so if you could please play Blue Jean Blues when you come to St. Augustine, Florida on June 8, 2012, my life will be complete.