Dallas, TX

06/24/12 5:30 PM
ZZ Top (headliner)
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Gexa Energy Pavilion
1818 First Ave.
Dallas , TX 75210
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  1. lindalf avatar

    Bought my VIP tickets...they say VIP events take place 2 hours before door time & that time has, "...not yet been determined...Please check back on the website"...WHERE the heck is the door opening time for Gexa Energy Pavilion show on 6/24/12???????

  2. jglennfield avatar

    Yea. Maybe have a beer with them and ask the about the last 40 years together. For you they will probably skip the concert and just talk to you. It is a meet and greet not a meet and party with them all night long. If you ask you might even get to play the next concert with them!

  3. GPScowboy avatar

    Just looking for two seats for my wife and self. Will pay to go, just doing my
    best to fulfill a dream of my wife. Looking for Dallas tickets from anyone and
    would LOVE to have the VIP, am willing to take any two seats together we can
    find. Thanks to anyone who can help. Next step is to plan a road trip to any
    concert we can find. Not looking for handouts, will accept a chance to buy.

  4. elvis the pelvis avatar

    once again zzilla pronounced za zilla is a very complex word or pharse. do not take it lightly. i will see you in dallas at the zexa complex.

    rick wright

  5. lindalf avatar

    I'm trying to buy the VIP tickets but did not get purchase in allotted time, so my "cart" was empty; I've signed out and re-entered web site to purchase VIP tckest several times. Everytime I try to quickly purchase again, I get the message my time has run out & I've lost those first/original seats. I realize I've lost my place in line for them, how come I can't get other tickets...whatever is available now?

  6. Jon_E_Fever avatar

    It's a meet & greet. You say 'hello', get a few things signed and great seats. What more do you want? Kissing and groping isnt allowed. Jesus

  7. William avatar

    Are there any VIP packages available for the show in Dallas ? Will the Meet and Greet be more than standing beside the band with a no touch policy? I want to MEET and GREET all three of ZZ TOP, not just get to stand beside them and get pictures taken with a borrowed camera. Not very professional, if you ask me. I am willing to pay the $$$, but i want to get what is offered. So, define " MEET AND GREET" Who with?, can we actually get to have a short conversation with Billy, Dusty and Frank ?

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