Harley's 100th, Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Kracker

April 20, 2013

Hey guys,
I dreamed of seeing Kid Rock when he Hit Missouri, but I knew I just could not afford it because of being disabled 8/28/03 after being hit head on by a repeat DWI Offender who crossed over into my lane of traffic while on my bike the first night while up in Milwaukee for Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary on the way back to my hotel room. I never knew what hit me and have no memories of the wreck and was not expected to live. The coward left me on the side of the road to die, but did not get away. I was on top of the world at that time in my life. The coward who hit me committed suicide leaving not only fighting for my life and suffering from all of my many very Traumatic Injuries, but left me responsible for all of the financial cost as well for all of my medical care from the wreck and for the rest of my life. Needless to say there was no big payoff for me he had nothing and the hospitals, my Lawyer and other bills took all of my money. I lost everything and my kids, grandkids and family have had to all suffer because of it. It has been one struggle after another and I have not got to enjoy my life in anyway with all the time I have being Permanently and Totally Disabled as a result of the wreck .
Harley Davidson paid for my Aunt’s 90 year old pilot friend who teaches flying to come up to Milwaukee and get me in his four seat Cessna. I could not take a commercial plane because of the altitude they fly and me having blood clots in my leg and chest. Back to why I am trying to contact you I cannot believe the connections I have with this event. I wrote you before I think about tickets and not being able to afford to go because of my income and I cannot believe it I called Monday and was able to get a handicapped seat for me and a companion seat for my wife and they were only $20 apiece and I am going to get to see Kid Rock on the 10th Anniversary of my wreck! I was in tears I was so happy! I have dreamed of seeing Kid Rock and Harley Davidson is a sponsor of the event as well and the third connection while serving in the Marine Corps, yes, I am a Vietnam Era Veteran 74-79 with a Service Connected Disability as well and was stationed at Camp Pendleton and I got to see ZZ Tops the last two years I was in. I loved ZZ Tops and their first album came out Tres Hombres at the time some 36 years ago!
So, what I am trying to say is it will be an honor Celebrating My 10th Anniversary with Kid Rock, Harley Davidson and ZZ Tops!
Thank you!
My Story;
I am a x Jarhead, 74-78 Honorably discharged Vietnam era Veteran originally from Missouri yet have spent half of my life out in California in the S.F. Bay area. I returned back home for my daughter's Mandy and Marie 22 years ago. I rode my bike up to Milwaukee, WI in August of 03 for Harley Davidson's 100th anniversary. I made it to the event and while on my way back to my hotel room I never knew what hit me? I was struck head on by a repeat DWI Offender(The Coward Louis Osbaldo Saldivar)(Chicago) who crossed over into my lane of traffic. I was not expected to live. I suffered many Traumatic Injuries to the left side of my body. Both my left arm and leg were shattered and de-gloved and I lost my left leg just below the knee. I have a steal rod in my left forearm and left thigh. They had to do a Total Hip Replacement on my left side. I have ulnar nerve damage in my left elbow which affects my pinky and ring finger on my left hand. I also suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury. The coward Louis Osbaldo Saldivar(Chicago) who hit me suffered no injuries and later committed suicide. Leaving me not only to suffer from my injuries, but to also suffer all the financial cost. I lost everything including my job of 22 years that I loved here at the H.S.T. V.A. Hospital. There was no big payday for me. I am doing well considering all that I have been through.

I cannot believe it I went from not expected to live to never getting out of a wheelchair to walking again! Then it is a long story, but I was able before they took all of my retirement money to buy me a new Big Dog, Pitbull Bad Ass motorcycle. I did not even know if I would ever be able to ride it? I just knew I would be happy to pull it out of the garage from time to time and rattling my neighbor’s with it! I researched the hell out of it and bought a Pingle Push Button Shifter and had it put on. They got it done in time for me to make my first ride on her on my 7th year Anniversary date of my wreck and then back home in time to ride in our Missouri State H.O.G. Rally Parade. It was wonderful to feel the wind upon my face once again!

I would give anything to be recognized and be able to see Kid Rock and ZZ! Section/Aisle - WC-L, ROW-YLA, SEAT-18x, SEAT – 4 and 5 – ROW – 2!
My Story;

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