Salt Lick (1969)

May 17, 2012

Who were members of ZZ Top, when ZZ Top came out with "Salt Lick"?

I have encountered two different informations about this. And I'm confused.


"Consisting of Lanier Greig on keyboards and Moving Sidewalks' drummer Dan Mitchell, the group was signed to London Records by manager Bill Ham, and released two singles- "Salt Lick" and "Miller's Farm"." ( Formation and early years (1969-1971) Wiki )


Many moons ago I read on the internet an article that told that "Salt Lick" was made by classic ZZ Top (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill & Frank Beard). Also the article was saying that there were more two members (keyboard and rhythm guitar), then they left the band before "ZZ Top's First Album" release.

According to the below photo that I found on the internet, the second seems right.

Well, Which of these are right?


"The Blues has got a hold of me, i believe i'm gettin' dizzy..."

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  1. Re: Salt Lick (1969)

    May 18, 2012

    Isn't there anybody that can answer?
    "The Blues has got a hold of me, i believe i'm gettin' dizzy..."

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    May 23, 2012

    Finally I found the answer that I looked for. I found out that the above first answer was right. It is writing on Billy Gibbons' website. Somehow, I never read his site carefully before. Sorry for that.

    "When the Moving Sidewalks parted ways in 1969, Gibbons sought to form a more boogie/blues rock-based band. He hooked up with Billy Etheridge from Dallas and Lanier Greig. At the time Billy had an apartment, and had nothing on the walls but stolen “rainbow” handbills. One day while sitting there, he noticed how these posters had been tacked up in no particular order just to cover the walls. At the left end of the wall was a B.B. King poster, toward the right was O.V. Wright and all the way over at the far end was ZZ Hill. From there he created the name ZZ Top from ZZ Hill and “Top” meaning King. The band soon got together and cut the first single, “Salt Lick” b/w “Miller’s Farm,” launched in-house with Scat Records.

    At the time when the ZZ single began taking off and the gigs started rolling in, there was an important change in the ZZ Top lineup….namely Mr. Frank Beard and his bandmate, Mr. Dusty Hill..."

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    "The Blues has got a hold of me, i believe i'm gettin' dizzy..."

  3. Salt Lick (1969)

    January 31, 2013

    I asked Lanier Greig about the SALT LICK single since he was in ZZ Top at that time. Lanier replied - "it's just me, Billy Gibbons and Dan Mitchell playing on both sides of that record (SALT LICK/MILLER FARM)...we did it all at Robinhood (Bryan's studio in Tyler)...I played bass on the B3 with my foot(krumar pedal attachment) and left hand...(lower keyboard)and upper keyboard organ with my right hand on the basic track...then Billy overdubed electric bass. I think we did it all in one night...then got arrested on the way back to Houston in a dry county for possesion of a case of!! Hamm was driving...they took us all to a courthouse with a ceiling fan and a coondog in the corner with an infected ear...when the judge came out wearing a sleeveless undershirt...he said 'GET THE HELL OWTA MAH TOWN BOYS!! gowon fo ah change ma mahn!"