Baton Rouge River Center

May 22, 2012

Have not recieved any info on when i need to be at the River Center to pick up Tickets and Back Stage Passes and if any lps will be signed are is it just the Lithographs

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  1. Re: Baton Rouge River Center

    February 1, 2013

    I will reply to my self Picking up Tickets was a cluster the River Center had no Idea ZZ-TOP had a Rep that showed up way late just about in time for the Venue to open the Doors for The General Audieance we were supposed to have some time to shop before the crowds got in did not happen we did get to meet the Band but not at the original Time we had to wait till the end of the show which was okay . They did not sign anything and a lot of us where told our lithographs would be mailed later and after dozens of calls i recieved My Autographed Lithographs yesterday around 6 months after the show good job Ground Control not sure if I will do this again it was not a pleasent experiance

  2. Re: Baton Rouge River Center

    February 1, 2013

    Make sure you look up what their signatures really look like. Ground Control sent me a poster with fake autographs in a silver sharpie. I had to fight with them for 2 months to get a new one sent out with real signatures. Do yourself a favor, look them up and compare.