ZZ Top in Denmark

January 24, 2013

Hello guys.

I whent to see your show in Br√łndby in Denmark some mounths ago, and damn what a shot. I have bin botteled up with ZZ Top from my dad in a age of 4 and im 30 now, and its still some damn good shit.

Tho i have one thing that maybe some of you ppl in here know how to fix :) I wantet to buy a ZZ Top Texicali 13 T-Shirt at the show but thay diden have any left in my size. Anyone know where to get them or know a merchandise dude or the ticketmaster, so i can get a mail send right away, it whut realy make me the highest guy in the world, and thos who help me well never be forgoten.

Thank you for takeing the time to read this, and help some of you out there are willing to help out.

Cheers Jeff.

And Billy, Dusty and Frank!!! Keep On Rocking The Free World. Thanks for 26 good years so far.

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