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    Hell yeah the El Loco tour was also my first major concert in da big city ( Vancouver) ( I live on an island ) . I find it hilarious thet people remember those errie green lasers, and haunting Billy sounds
    For me this is the genesis of the ZZ's stamp on the future with that electro digi funk grind with the always wicked bass and drums.

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    Damn, ya'll look like some kinda Messcan gas station attendants in those getups. Well, fill er up with ethyl n check the oil, then!

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    Oh this takes me back. The El Loco Tour - Hammersmith, London and the first time I'd seen ZZ Top. The stage gear was great and I still see that laser light show in my head every time I hear Party On the Patio. Still my favourite band and looking forward to the new album in Spring 2012.

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    I remember Manic Mechanic........ crazy polka dots light show !!

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    The El loco tour really blew my mind.The memories of that concert has never left my soul. (I was trippin on acid)......I like the flight suits best of all.

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    Rock and Roll is a dirty business.

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