Billy with Kid Rock

Billy with Kid Rock

  1. drazha avatar

    Big talent and little talent

  2. ThePriestSaint avatar

    Roc Billy!

  3. adamcornell avatar

    gee. ya think the manager told kid no handshakes, no talking to billy?! i bet not! yet thats what the fans that pay for the vip get. Say, how much do ya think kid paid for his vip package?

  4. linger224 avatar

    I could see you and Kid Rock going on tour together. That would be so cool!

  5. drxman avatar

    All Dat Texacali twosome be playing' da blues some.

  6. lesgoldtop57 avatar

    Joe Blues and Kid Rock

  7. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Livin the the life

  8. Dlivengood avatar

    Show the kid what it's all about!

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