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    Petty sad, I heard the same thing from my kids who did the exact same thing! Same story to the T !

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    VIP Diamond Package was a total joke. DON'T waste your hard earned money on it. Totally not worth it at all. We showed up as instructed in the email between 4:30-5:30 and the casino box office told us that the guy handing out the VIP packages had just left but that he was now handing the passes out on the venue floor. The casino has nothing to do with the package and none of their employees had any information on it at all; although they did help us track them down. Unfortunately it took them over 45 minutes to locate the ZZTop.com representative who was supposed to be at the casino handing out the Diamond package which was supposed to include awesome seats within the first 5 rows, an autograph lithograph, VIP entrance, separate VIP crowd free souvenir stand and the meet & greet afterwards. No separate entrance... had to go back and forth across the giant casino trying to even locate the passes...no crowd free shopping... no autograph lithograph although I'm told it's in the mail... seats were in the 1st 5 rows unfortunately it was off to the side and over have the stage show was blocked by the post, couldn't actually see either screen or Frank Beard the ENTIRE show, the meet & greet involved no meeting or greeting by the band. In fact there was NO EYE CONTACT made on their part what-so-ever. We were told not to ask for autographs, not to even shake their hands and warned not to touch their freaking dog. And I purchased 2 vip tickets... therefore should have received a photo with the band for each ticket and they shoved us on through after the 1st snapshot. Which by the way was along the back side of a building with concrete barriers and cones as a backdrop. If you don't want to meet your fans then don't take their hard earned money and call it a "MEET AND GREET". It was a 10 second photograph, with no interaction AT ALL. We could have experienced the same thing standing next to a cardboard cutouts. In fact, I actually got a better picture of my husband standing next to the casino poster of the band then I did for the one I basically paid FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to get. I expected more out of one of my favorite bands. So disappointed at the little regard shown to their die hard fans. TOTAL SCAM.

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