1. texadactyl avatar

    Hey ho ...... be consistent, please. If "I gotsa ..." can play in a browser with an imbedded media player, so should "...Las Vegas...". Okay? I was even polite! (-:

  2. Mike Hart avatar

    I cannot get the Las Vegas one to play, how come, I haven't heared that one in quite a while, Years !!!

  3. BILL316 avatar

    You guy's ROCK!!

  4. Dale Grunwald avatar

    Way out there...but still GREAT!!!

  5. Vinicius avatar

    Grat Mood, as Always. ZZ Top is Unique.

  6. Ricochet avatar

    From what I understand Mr. Gibbons first concert was when he was 8 years old with his Mom to see ELVIS and that was what set him on the path. Thank you Mr. Presley

  7. Narmolanya avatar

    "No one has commented yet.".

    WTF ?