Just Got Paid

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From "Double Down Live - 1980"

  1. zipper avatar

    Now that's a guitar tone! Great song!

  2. Mobster avatar


  3. mudsharkable avatar

    so... wheres the video? "Embedding this video is disabled by it's owner"

  4. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    This is my wife's favorite song ..........so I always play it when I'm in the dog house........It works every time ! Have Mercy

  5. mudsharkable avatar

    An inspiration for all us old geezers who still play a little guitar on the side... and I mean it's only this big!!!

  6. cullen

    There is nothing better than that little ol band from Texas!

  7. rockpix avatar

    Simply the BEST !!! Don't come no better than ZZ TOP !!!

  8. SaNtO88 avatar

    really wonderful

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