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    Have Mercy Amigos, are the VIP-MnG photos from the Sidewalks:BBKing-NYC gig ready yet (March 30, 2013)? I have not received mine yet (May 13, 2013). I was front-row-center GApit! Gracias.

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    Thank you for choosing BB King's venue in Times Square/NYC for the reunion. A sold-out house, full of friends, ready for some Texas Psychedelic Blues on March 30, 2013. I started with ZZ/BFG in '83 with LEGS on MTV in 6th grade (CT), then 6 VIP/MnG's in 2011/2012 including HOB:SunsetStrip 20th/La Futura (CA), and now I again have a VIP/MnG to go back to the future with The Sidewalks/BFG in a 1968/2013 reunion in NYC ... can a multi-decade ZZ Top fan be any luckier? Next thing you're telling me I've won keys to The Eliminator. Rock on with your down and dirty blues/Psych/Rock!

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    Nice :)

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    Looking forward to seeing 4 longtime friends finally getting the chance to promote FLASH 44 years later. This will be the show of the year!! Thanks for performing for all The Moving Sidewalks fans of the world!!

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    yA'LL hAVE fUN nOW !