1. Uncle Jams avatar

    FUNK YEAH!!!! Bout time this happened! I hope they also fix the two beats missing from the second drum break in Lagrange. When you've had a few beers and those beats are missing it makes it hard to catch up with the groove.

  2. deweese avatar

    Release the first 20 years on Vinyl Too! It is what's happenin'!

  3. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    HELL YEAH!!!,

  4. CCF avatar

    I have VIP seats for the show in Concho, OK tonight. I haven't seen the band live since 1975. Looking forward to theh show!!

  5. Joe Fonebone avatar

    Its about time. Are they going to be released in 24/96 on HD Tracks?

  6. Pretty Beat Up avatar

    Oh ya. Definitely getting this. Can't wait to hear Tejas' tracks like Pan am Highway Blues, Avalon Hideaway, Ten Dollar Man remasterd and original! Muchas Gracias!

  7. tacomeat avatar

    I guess we Canadians will just have to stare at the tour dates and humm little ZZ ditties in the back of our minds where we be dreaming of seeing the Boys live. I know, they can't go everywhere but jesus, you think they could Vancouver in the summer. You rent a yacht, sip good spirits, chaw down on some wicked steak and lobster, and have scantily clad women around falling out thier bikinis as they oil down thier hot bods!!!!
    Boy Howdy

  8. The fun dude avatar

    Can't wait! Wish the tour could stop in Omaha,NE USA. I'm really looking forward to getting the box set. I love the '70s LPs they are fun to listen to. The repackaging will be nice to see on a CD. It's also a good price for a 10 CD collection. ZZ TOP rules !!!!!!

  9. bradcollinzz avatar

    Yes indeed! This has been a long time coming for all true and devout ZZ fans. There is nothing like listening to a track the way it was meant to be heard. It really solidifies the albums and gives a good idea of the feel of the band at the time, especially in the earlier albums. 'Recycler' remains a personal favorite of mine, and it will be nice to hear that album brushed off and polished.

  10. #1zztopfan avatar

    Sweet!!! No doubt I'll be getting one. Maybe two. Keep one in storage.