1. Lucas Adolfo avatar

    The Best Album of ZZ Top !!! The Best Album of the World !!! Rio Grande Mud is a sound of my Life !!! Congratulations ZZ Top !!!

  2. Dustbowl Audio avatar

    So can we please, please, plese get a CD release of the original version of this great album, even if it isn't remastered just stick the original versions of the tracks on a disc and I'll buy it. Hell, I'll buy several if it helps. I'd even offer to re-master it for free just to hear it again!

  3. danfrain avatar

    I waited a long time for this to come out. Kicked ass then, kicks ass now. I sent copies all over the U.S. to friends. They all liked the music. Hopefully, they put the word out to their friends when Tommy & Billy booked them outside of Texas.