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Today is the day!! Texicali, a four track digital collection from ZZ Top that offers the first new studio recordings from “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” in nine years, is available nowThe four new songs, available from iTunes and all digital retail outlets, offer a preview of the group’s full-length album, as yet untitled, that will be released on American Recordings late this summer or early fall. Those purchasing the four songs will benefit from a pro-rated discount on the purchase of the full album when it is released.

The four tracks that comprise Texicali, like the forthcoming album, were produced by Rick Rubin and the band’s Billy F Gibbons and include “I Gotsta Get Paid,” “Chartreuse,” “Over You” and “Consumption.” The first of these is heard in a just-launched campaign for the Jeremiah Weed line of malt beverages that has generated tremendous on-line buzz for the video ( that depicts Billy, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard performing -- to the delight and amazement of the patrons of a convenience store -- in a walk-in cooler. “I Gotsta Get Paid,” based on the underground 1990s rap song “25 Lighters,” is also heard on the soundtrack to the international box office hit Battleship. The title of the collection is a reference to the locations where the album was recorded. founding of ZZ Top more than 42 years ago and an acknowledgement that the band’s line-up has remained constant ever since.

“Based on the visibility of the ‘Gotsta Get Paid’ song, we decided to make available more of a taste of the album than just the one song,” said American’s Rubin. “That’s the beauty of the new digital landscape; we can put out what we want when we want, in the best service of the artist.”

Notes Gibbons, “We were itching to get some new music out before the full album release; making available these four tracks seems like a good way to accomplish that most expeditiously. Dusty, Frank and I are happy with what’s been accomplished in the studio so we figured we’d provide some hot and tasty ‘hors d’oeuvres’ before the main course is served this fall.”

The band embarks this week as the headliner for a six-week “Gang of Outlaws” tour that includes bills shared with 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson. Thereafter, ZZ Top departs for Europe where they will be playing concert and festival dates in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Norway in July. Additional North American dates are planned for August and September. All of this activity underscores the fact that ZZ Top continues as a vital force in music today, more than 42 years after its founding and with its ever-enduring line up totally intact.

  1. svenna avatar

    What!!! I have wait for this movement for years and It's only available for the U.S. market, this is a big disappointment for all the fans worldwide :(


  2. deguello avatar

    Good to know this is available on the *US* iTunes store.
    Meaning that this is not available elsewhere (at least not from the French iTunes store).
    Well done :-(

  3. StuartSlate avatar

    Please break 'em out (at least one) Friday night in St. Augustine, Florida.

  4. brunozz avatar

    ok guys nothing on rolling stone . com for the moment, you can listen "I Gotsta Get Paid" here (you tube):

    Or Consumption:

    I can't find the two other song, but I try ... I try .....

    Brunozz from France.

  5. Squally avatar

    Therezz nothing much to see or hear on :(

  6. wheelman avatar

    Very cool of you guys to do this. It will make this summers BBQ much better, and life in general.

  7. greengator94 avatar

    If we purchase the four-song "teaser," will the discount be applied to our purchase of the cd, or just to the purchase of the digital files?

  8. Victor Martinez jr avatar

    I Gotsta get It when it getsta here.

  9. Bomber avatar

    Can't wait, but still no Irish dates.....

  10. Craigo avatar

    Great. Cant wait!!

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