La Futura In Stores now!

September 11, 2012 by User 10 Comments

ZZ Top's first album in 9 years, LA FUTURA, is now in stores EVERYWHERE! Pick up the CD at your favorite retailer or download it from iTunes HERE!

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    The Best Buy CD has two bonus tracks. This may not be their best but it's Damn Good. It's True ZZ TOP.

  2. moorevols avatar

    LA FUTURA is, without quesiton, the best ZZ Top album ever. From beginning to end it is filled with great rock 'n roll. Heavy, blues rock. Great ryhthms, great beats, just a mean, tough sounding album. I love it. The band has never sounded better. I can't quit listening to it. Awesome!

  3. Smitty avatar

    The ebay message I left earlier was directed to UK fans interested in getting hold of the Best Buys version of La Futura with the bonus tracks.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new album! I think Chartreuse is my favorite on the regular cd. The bonus tracks from the Best Buy cd are awesome! I especially like "Drive By Lover!" I'm surprised that it's not on the "regular" cd, that it's only a bonus track. The driving grungy tone that ZZ Top fans are used to is there as well as DUSTY on vocals. DUSTY is singing!! Not too many ZZ songs with him singing, but the ones that he sings on it's clear that he's singing his ass off!! When will "Drive By Lover be available on iTunes?

    Thanks and can't wait to hear DUSTY sing it at LaGrange Fest!!


  6. abelmusica avatar

    I am a non stop ZZ Top fan and have been for years...its about the only thing on my I-Pod....they cannot fail in my book. They are the only band that delivers what they is the only sound like it.

    Rick Ruben however seemed to effortlessly deliver what I think is the most flat sounding mix I have ever heard. His stripped down raw no verb work with Johnny Cash was solid gold and worthless...his work with ZZ?.....oh my I that my new ZZ Top record? I much prefer the sizzle, rattle and ear candy as we have know before.

    I will strike this one up to "art"....and I asume that BFG knows best. Good songs....but where is Frank's thunder or Billy's guitar candy and layers and trickery on overdubs?

    I will pay full price for it....and add it to the Pod......but really Rick?...This is the best you can do for these guys?


  7. norman avatar

    i was attending college at eastern u in richmond,ky. in 73. heard la grange. been a fan every since.

  8. TANKATLLAN avatar

    Any ideas where i can get the cd with bonus tracks as sold in bestbuy uda as they dont ship to uk thaks people

  9. Bobbyjimi avatar

    I love the fact that you all are still "representing" to show the young guns how it is done! I remember the excitment hearing that Billy visited Strings West....our cool hangout. Great album and Thanks again!!!

  10. jgreenjr avatar

    La futra is best cd so far ! i been collected over years even zz top first album ,i was 8 years old when i first zz top from 1973 la grande of tres hombres ! i'm biggest fan since 1973


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