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    My first ZZ album was called "First Album" purchased 30 yrs ago. Of course it would have to be on vinyl, but still in good nick, not too scratched up. Haven't heard it for years mind you, Cant remember all the tracks off the top of my head, used to thrash it and jam along with my imaginary guitar. This is before air guitar was know for what it is today, but lets face it we were, rippin it up on our air guitars before its widespread inception in it's figurative sense. Anyway some songs you may rem ember, some later found place on compilations, best Of's and live recordings, include 'Neighbor, Neighbor' , 'Somebody Else Been Shakin My Tree' , 'Francine' , 'Blue Jean Blues' and Beer Drinkers.... Classic early days, raw three piece, (no over dubs) Rockin, Boogie Woogie Style Texan Blues that inspired and shaped my playin and listening preverences.

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    Deguello for me, with Eliminator as a close second.

    Duguello had I Thank You, She Don't Love Me She Loves My Automobile, Cheap Suglasses, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide, Hi Fi Mama, Dust My Broom and more. Great recording and guitar sounds on that record.

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    ZZ albums that I loved almost all the tracks;

    ZZ Top's First Album (tho I can endure the song named "Old Man")
    Tres Hombres (the song named "Have You Heard?" is boring but I can endure it)
    Fandango! (in fact, I don't like live records, also "balinese" and "mexican blackbird" are little boring songs for me but still I like to listen to this album)
    Tejas (Every track is golden!)
    Degüello (Every track is nice)
    Antenna (I don't like the song named "Breakaway" but endurable for others)
    Rhythmeen (Every track is smooth)
    XXX (I can bear the song named "Made into a Movie" because others are so cool!)

    also for Savoy Brown - http://www.savoybrown.com/
    Raw Sienna
    Looking In
    Street Corner Talking
    Boogie Brothers

    by the way if you love ZZ Top songs, you love Clas Yngström and his albums too. He is a musician who was influenced by Jimi Hendrix & Billy Gibbons.
    about him
    sample/ "I ain't beggin'"
    youtube/ http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Clas+Yngstr%C3%B6m


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    Tres Hombres followed up with Rio Grande Mud. Not asking for much. ;)

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    I would like to hear Tres Hombres in its entirety with the encore being the studio side of Fandango!