Favourite Album.

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 7:15 PM By: Craigo

Hey Gang, There's been a bit of a trend of late with bands playing classic albums live, Track by track, start to finish. Which ZZ album would you love to hear completely??
Me??? Would love to hear Tres Hombres completely. I realise some tracks off this album are a staple for the live shows, but I'd still love to hear the whole thing!!!

Anyone else got any ideas??? Or any other favourites by other artists??

Cheers from down under Craigo.

  1. MuZZy avatar

    ZZ albums that I loved almost all the tracks;

    ZZ Top's First Album (tho I can endure the song named "Old Man")
    Tres Hombres (the song named "Have You Heard?" is boring but I can endure it)
    Fandango! (in fact, I don't like live records, also "balinese" and "mexican blackbird" are little boring songs for me but still I like to listen to this album)
    Tejas (Every track is golden!)
    Degüello (Every track is nice)
    Antenna (I don't like the song named "Breakaway" but endurable for others)
    Rhythmeen (Every track is smooth)
    XXX (I can bear the song named "Made into a Movie" because others are so cool!)

    also for Savoy Brown - http://www.savoybrown.com/
    Raw Sienna
    Looking In
    Street Corner Talking
    Boogie Brothers

    by the way if you love ZZ Top songs, you love Clas Yngström and his albums too. He is a musician who was influenced by Jimi Hendrix & Billy Gibbons.
    about him
    sample/ "I ain't beggin'"
    youtube/ http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Clas+Yngstr%C3%B6m


  2. Groovin Gary avatar

    Tres Hombres followed up with Rio Grande Mud. Not asking for much. ;)

  3. TWINREBZZ avatar

    I would like to hear Tres Hombres in its entirety with the encore being the studio side of Fandango!

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