Who still buys CD's??

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 3:15 AM By: Craigo

Hey Gang, picked up the new La Futura Cd on the weekend. Gotta say I'm pretty impressed!! Had to wait a bit longer 'til the local music shop got in in stock.

I've got a theory on buying CD's. I kinda figure that if we, the fans, stop buying them, then the bands will stop making them!! Here's a list of the last 5 I got.

1: ZZ Top- La Futura
2: The Angels- Take It To The Streets (Legendary Aussie Band)
3: Lita Ford- Living Like a Runaway
4: Joe Bonamassa- Driving Towards the Daylight (Seeing him play in a couple of weeks)
5: Slash- Apocalypse Love (Saw him last month)

Anyone else got a list they want to share!!

Cheers from down under.


  1. Sambocus avatar

    All of the comments about the look, feel, reading material, artwork of the CDs...roger all. Still valid. Just like I felt for years about vinyl LPs. One difference is, CD cases not as good for rolling on.
    Then one day, I became a creature of convenience thru technology, which polluted my purist ways.

    Also, when I went into the Navy in 1975 I left a few hundred LPs with my younger brother for safekeeping. When I came back for them 20 years later, he's like "what records?"
    I stayed gone too long.

  2. Sambocus avatar

    I'd sure like to know...so I could see if they want 300 of them in a box under a futon in one of my spare rooms. Everything backed up 3+ ways, disks just occupy space. I love Amazon mp3 app because of my immediate gratification need.
    But I get your point. Maybe the drop in CD sales will be made up in Ineeditrightnows. Last 5 purchases anyway (mp3):
    1. Antenna - ZZ Top
    2. Kill Em All - Metallica
    3. Mafia - Black Label Society
    4. Live at Budakon - Ozzy
    5. XXX - ZZ Top

    Ya, I see the trend too. Walking, talking Tinnitus case.

  3. RedHotanddoubledamnblue avatar

    I do agree about Bat Out Of Hell

    Paradise By The Dashboard Lights ...
    That's my idea of a love song.
    I can't stand all of those drippy love songs.

  4. RedHotanddoubledamnblue avatar

    I still buys CD's. I download them onto my mp3 player and if something happens to it and/or my computer I still have my tunes. But then music is more of a religion for me and everyday is sabbath. :)
    When it comes to music I'm not so much worried about the cost (shrugs) I love what I love and ZZ Top I always have!

  5. Pappy50 avatar


    Pappy50 says: buy CD's - take them home and play them , read all the liner notes. it's an experience or maybe I'm getting OLD SCHOOL. not a bad thing these days.
    way to many CD's to count - maybe 500 or more as well as LOTS of Vinyl.
    own every ZZ TOP CD as well as most of the vinyl that has been offered.
    Cheers from the Midwest

  6. Guitarman8L avatar

    Michael Bublé- To Be Loved (Say Nothing. He's not that bad)
    ZZ Top Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990
    Queen- Sheer heart Attack
    Michael Bublé-Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition)
    Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell

    Don't Hate My Music Taste! I Likes What I Likes.... Deal With It!

  7. Austin avatar

    With any group, if the majority of the songs are good, I'll buy the CD.

  8. Deff1 avatar

    I still buy CD's. there's something about owning the case too, the thought that has went into the art work and design of it all, being able to read the linear notes. for me its all part of the listening experience. i used to work in a music shop, so maybe i,m biased :)
    last 5 cd's were:
    La Futura
    Rolling stones: grrr
    Beach Boys: thats why god made the radio
    Emily Smith: to long away
    Teenage Fanclub: Shadows

  9. collaredprinzes avatar

    I ordered my Owner the last ZZTop CD, he was a little disappointed. My kids do the downloading of music and play it from their phones. I am NOT that technical savvy so CD'S for me and Owner.

  10. Smitty avatar

    I buy far too many of the dang things for my own good. I got an Eastern Electric DAC and the cds have never sounded better. Downloads are fine, but I prefer the cds as they are usually cheaper than a download when you gettem second hand.

    La Futura was the second last one I bought, the one(order) before that was 3 of the Rory Gallagher remasters, before that the big box set of Larks Tongue in Aspic by King Crimson(the big BIG box set version). Last night I ordered up a spot of Holger Czukay, just for a change.

    Yep, I buy far too many of them ............:-(

    La Futura is outstanding, best thing they have done in decades.

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