The Purple Micro.Dots

Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 5:34 PM By: Lone Wolfe Jr.

80's Flashback :
First time I seen ZZ play Manic Mechanic on the El Loco Tour in 81, they had these purple dots that went crazy all over the stage. Man it was like taking a trip off this planet. I got disconbobulated for the first time.....after that it was ok to be weird

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    Howdy C, a magnet produces a vector field, the magnetic field, at all points in the space around it. It can be defined by measuring the force the field exerts on a moving charged particle, such as an electron. The force (F) is equal to the charge (q) times the speed of the particle times the magnitude of the field (B), or F = q*v x B, where the direction of F is at right angles to both v and B as a result of the cross product. This defines the magnetic field's strength and direction at any point........I think.
    p.s. Just keep your head up and your feet down : >

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    Gravity is strange. The world is strange!! A few years ago, there was a story going around that stated that the heaviest part of earth is the North pole, cos it's got a big magnet there. This means it must naturally sink to the bottom. This puts us Aussie people at the top!!!! Guess we should change our down under slogan to "Up Over"

    What do you think????

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    Cheers back to you Mate....Gravity is a strange thang, being down under and all...I must ask because I've never been to Australia, do you feel like your upside down !? To me thats "Disconbobulation" LOL over and out there LWjr

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    Sweet!! I had to look up what disconbobulated meant!! That should be word of the day!!

    Cheers Craigo.

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