EL Grande Pizza Taco !?

Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 9:00 AM By: Lone Wolfe Jr.

Last night the little woman and I were gettin' ready to watch Duck Dynasty,but we got hungry.She wanted Pizza and I wanted Tacos. A compromise was reached.....a taco pizza she said!
She order and I picked up..........Well on the way back I got the idea to fold the pizza in half to the shape of a taco ! Kabam ,EL Grande Super Taco pizza!!!....needless to say she was not happy with this. She said quote 'I love you, but what gave you this hair brained idea". When she said hair, I thought beard because The Duckboys was on T.V. when I walked in the door. So I put two and two together ; Bandana, Sunglasses,Beard, so without thinking I said " ZZ TOP"....Was this wrong?....The answer is NO, this was so right.because she'll never order pizza!........

I keeps it real Lone Wolfe Jr.

  1. Craigo avatar

    Unfortunately no. It fell the same weekend as the F1 Grandprix, so had to work. Next time I hope. Did get to see Bonnie Raitt last week though. She was great:)

  2. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Hey , I'm good...........Did you catch ZZ when they played downunder? over and out LW

  3. Craigo avatar

    How've you been oh bearded ond ;)

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