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    Still have not recieved the promised Autographed Lithograph

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    I thought the 2009 Houston VIP was Shakey but this one was worse at least they Autographed a picture of thier choosing in front of us and Frank signed My confederate Flag while Dusty and Billy said they would but did not . I do not like the mailing the autograph to you thing who knows who the heck really signed it . In Baton Rouge we get to the Box office they tell us a rep will be comming for the Band between 3 and 5 pm at 4 we call Kristina and she says the venue has the tickets/VIP Passes so we put her on the phone with them and they issue our passes and tickets inside is a paper that says we will have early shopping at 4;45 PM The Venue does not let us in until 6:30 pm after all the Nickleback fans VIP have been let in and we have about 5 minutes for all of us to shop before they let everyone else in some Early deal and then No autographs backstage and pictures were rushed did not get to say even Hi to Billy wow great deal I have had more facetime on the street with Him on several occasions than during the VIP and now so far no pictures and no Autographs wow i feel like I have been Ripped Off . I have been to see this Band 18 Times but I have never had a Bad Experiance like This with any Band and I have been to Hundreds of Shows not sure if I will see anymore but I will never do another VIP with them no matter what the price

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    Your right! This has to be the worst Meet and Greet VIP treatment ever. No autographs, No face time with them, not even a hand shank to say “Great Job”. Get in line, take a picture and get out. I have had better face time with other bands for a lot less. This was the first time we paid this kind of money to VIP treatment. Personally, for the money I could have paid for a couple of cases of Crown Royal put on a couple of ZZ Top cd’s and sat by my pool with friends and had a better time. And for this Lithograph they promised us. “It will be mailed to us”. There were three of us and total expect to only get one those.