Denver, CO @ The Paramount 10/10/11.

Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 6:47 AM By: smokin

These guys are Awsome!! Still got it and very tuned to the audience! Even picked up a ZZ Top poster from guy in crowd and each signed it durring the performance and handed it back to the lucky fan!
I do have one issue encountered however. After the show we went down to the table for a t-shirt and bought 2 that had pic's of the boys on front and concert dates and locations on the back.... got home nad looking th em over realized "Denver and 10/10/11" is NOT on the shirt!! Not cool. For $35.00 bucks we feel kinda like we were taken advantage of. This could have, should have been disclosed! I mean why would anyone buy this shirt commemorating the concert in your town that doen't even mention your city? Really sucks guys.

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    Hi Smoking try 1-866-66shirt I've had a similar issue, they sent the wrong size. They were very professional about the whole thing and even sent me a shot glass for the inconvience. The band is very humble and takes good care of there fans. I'm a ZZTOP NUT and have nothing but good things to say about thermerchandise team. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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