concert 20 juny 2013 Dijon France

Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 8:05 PM By: IGGI

We were at the concert Dijon ....
Great atmosphere, Mr Billy Gibbons say : I'm shufflin ' thru the Texas sand , But my head 's in Dijon !
It was 25 years old I wanted to see ZZ TOP music show ...
So June 20, 2013 , I put a shot of Doc Martin's in my ass , and 200 miles away from home, I finally enjoyed the big show Booggie / Blues / Rock made ��in Texas / Mexico!


Beautiful guitars, good sound, legendary choreography ...
The synchro lame guitarist / bassist , giant video screen ... hot road / girls galore , a tribute to ... jimi hendrix, BEER sticker on the back of the guitar Billy , cigar ... probably a Cohiba Lanceros ...
a treat to good land Borgogne !

In passing , I want to thank to :

Fallone Music for the Marshall amp class5H, and the guitar GIBSON SG 61 reissue ;

Bed and breakfast "�me de la terre" in Ruffey les Echirey for their friendly welcome .

Super memory ...

I 'm looking forward to July 2, 2014 ... to enjoy my 2nd concert ... in Saarbrucken Deutschland

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  2. jankku72 avatar

    Good for you!
    Im pleased that you saw your first ZZ TOP gig, hope lots of more to come to you !
    Be well!
    Jankku Blomgren-Vuong

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