1. senor_volto avatar

    Hey Groovin' Gary-

    Great video that you posted. Nice job with the sign. You can say that you saw the live debut of "Gotsta" - even if it was only a few seconds!

    I totally agree with you about HHH. We saw what is believed to be the live debut in Manchester, NH. Most people had the WTF look at the beginning of HHH, but the song was well received. I was stunned and thrilled by that addition to the great new setlist.

    Sr. Volto

  2. ZZombie avatar

    Way to go Gary! We were about 12 rows back, stage right, Dusty's side. Good going on being part of the show! ZZombie.

  3. Craigo avatar

    Great stories guys. Anyone else on here at the show???

  4. Groovin Gary avatar

    I was there too. Excellent show and refreshed set list! Also, loved the LED video curtain for the backdrop. During Heaven, Hell or Houston - 99% of the crowd would never have known what Billy was singing without the lyrics scrolling on the screen. Dusty's audio issues I think was a problem with his mic.

    Did you catch Billy play a couple riffs of I Gotsta Get Paid before going into La Grange? I was in the front row off to the right of corner of the stage holding a sign I made with one side saying "TexiCali". Billy looked over to me and motioned before he started playing the riffs. After he played them, he looked back over at me, smiled. He knew he got me.

    The flip side of my sign said "Got Pura Vida" - Billy spotted that too and got a huge kick out of it. He looks at me and looks over to Elwood & Pablo, makes a hand gesture to Pablo and me of snapping a picture. Pablo snaps a picture of me holding the sign from the stage. The next morning the picture was posted on Pura Vida's FB page.