You need a shot of humility & reality

Wed, May 8, 2013 at 9:10 AM By: Uneedarealitycheck

For you 3, neil young, the stones etc. to rape the very people that made you & truly sad. The sadder thing is that these lemmings that can barely pay their rent, fork out this kind of money to see any of you. I'd only pay that kind of money if it was for certain one of you would have a stroke or seziure on stage. Enjoy your money, & to the lemmings, you are beyond help & these guys know it. See you at Kid Rock fellas

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    Hey buddy, one ot these years, leave your Mom's basement suite and take a good whiff when the door hits ya in the butt, reality yesm, reality something you are definitely missing, Sheesh go a Slurpee or something. But tell your Mom your going to the store, or else she' worry!

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  1. You need a shot of...

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