African Bamileke Ashetu Nudu

Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 6:42 PM By: Jason M Fryer

Dear Billy, (The Reverend Willy G.)

I hope you read your messages or someone does it for you.

I just saw, you Dusty and Frank in Cherokee NC. What a show only wish it could go on until I lost my voice and I could not stand up..... which at this venue many people sat the entire time. I would be hard pressed to do that with ZZ Top in the house on stage.

My buddy took my "homemade" African Bamileke Ashetu Nudu hat which took hours of design and time to make and threw it on stage.

I want you to know that hat is very special to me. I did not want him to do that, so I hope you kept it. Again, it took many hours of thought, work and design ideas to make it.

It has stars on the elastic band for Texas.

Just wanted to let you know how special that hat was to me, my buddy, being a smart ass, but maybe smarter than me, took it off my head, walked up and threw it up there on the stage. You picked it up and sat in on the stage next to Frank's drums with a big grin. It sat next to you as you were strumming away. I hope the hat did not get thrown away.

I know its a long shot but could you send me a picture of you wearing it? or even better a picture of you wearing it and then send it back to me with the liner signed in white permanent fabric marker? It would mean the world to me.

God bless you Billy, Dusty , Frank and the entire ZZ Top family.

Below is my name, email address and cell number.

Looking forward to seeking you guys in Aspen in a March and possibly Germany in July.. Definitely the Southeast USA if you decide to play there. Maybe you can give my hat back in person in Aspen?

If you want to keep it please just send a picture of you in it to me. It was made out of love for you and ZZ Top.

I know a lot of history about you guys and have read about you and the band for years.

Keep on rockin my brother!
Happy New Year in 2014 and into La Futura!

Best regards.

Jason Fryer
Cell - 910-849-5923

  1. jankku72 avatar

    All the best for you too, hope you get your nudu back!

  2. Jason M Fryer avatar

    Thanks Jankku, best wishes to you and yours for the new year. Jason

  3. jankku72 avatar

    Really intresting letter of yours!
    Sorry to hear about your nudu, my mom did an Bamileke nudu copy of wool as a winter beanie to me last winter!
    She actually made three, one dark green one black and one little smaler to my little boy.
    I could even post a picture here little later.
    Be well and i hope Billy is hearing from him to you!
    Jankku Blomgren-Vuong

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