Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 9:51 PM By: lesgoldtop57

"Tatiana" is the name of my 57 Goldtop that you see me holding here in my photo that I posted. I spent a small fortune on her, but she is worth it to me, cause she sings so pretty! She has a tone similar to Miss Pearly Gates, and that is what drew me to her. I am convinced that they MUST be close relatives of some sort, perhaps they were both cut from the same mahogany forest? Possibility.
Thank you Frank, Dusty, and Billy for all of the great music that you have given me over the years, as well as thank ya'll for all of the great music that you opened my eyes to, lo, these many years ago, cause if it were not for ZZ Top, I may have never discovered Blues music!! And what a shame that would have been!
ZZ Top is my very favorite band in the world, and Billy, sir, you are my 2nd favoritest guitar player in all the world, with me, of course, being my favorite. LOL!! Sorry Billy, but being a guitar player, you know that no matter how much pleasure I get from listening to you play, It can never equal the pure righteous joy of feeling and hearing something come out of my heart through my guitar. It tickles me all over, and makes me laugh out loud.

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