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    Same thing happened to me in Vegas 10 years ago. A buddy of mine's brother was on the ZZ road crew, so he hooked me up with free tix and after show meet n greet passes. My buddy warned me--because he had seen the band the night before--to have very low expectations for the after-show greet.

    Well, ZZ's show was great, as usual, but we had to wait 45 minutes for Billy and Dusty to float thru the room waving and strutting before pivoting and exiting. I was stunned. It was a pitiful look at the rock star lifestyle. I wouldn't listen to them for five years after that.

    My 28-year-old nephews recently asked me to take them to see ZZ, so I bought the $125 tix for the Sacramento date instead of the $250s that include a photo op and greet. I never want to be in the same room with them again as it wrecks their music and dedication to showmanship.

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    Went to the Ft Myers show on June 15.....paid 500 bucks for meet and greet as well as getting a signed lithograph which was omitted and then we were told that it would be sent the next day to our homes.....here it is Aug 1 and NADA! As experienced a band as they are, you would think they would keep an eye on their handlers. We were herded like cattle to a photo op where we couldnt talk with them or shake hands....the email from their handlers said to be there at 430p...the doors didnt open until 630p....and the band didnt play until 930p. So by the time of the photo op we have been there six friggin hours. The band isnt watching the watchers, are too jaded to care? It was just sad, sad. We flew from San Diego just to see them. Never again.