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    Funny you mention gum...I chew gum onstage and off, it gives me a center, balance and rhythm that you can't get other wise. Its like a dance where you let your body go with the beat of the rhythm,while singing the melody, then letting your sences (sight,hearing and smelling) go wear they lead you, like a Shaman would do.......I learned this from Jimi Hendrix....it works for me..............Also, The Rev has got the best overdubs in the bizz, guitar and vocals hands down!
    Could you imagine what the shows would be like if every overdub was put into the songs live.DAMN! Iv'e always wondered if Dusty split his bass signal to a guitar head and cab to pick up some of Billys guitar stuff, if that would help Billy sing more on point or have Frank trigger all the overdubs via midi samples....that would be a nightmare, but it be truly slammin' p.s. your right about the copy songs. lw

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    Second that! Dusty has an incredible voice, somewhat like Michael Anthony of Chickenfoot (ex Van Halen bassist) with his range but his timbre is uniquely Dusty. I was hoping my bassist could sing some Dusty but that's apparently not in the cards, however, my drummer comes close. I can get as low as Billy but I can't get as high... I used to have that wide a range but old age has robbed me of the high end. Problem with doing BFG singing is in order to have the fullness and intricacy of the guitar parts emulating studio recordings, playing like that coupled with singing the parts is a lot like the old fabled "chewing gum and walking at the same time" conundrum. BFG don't play his studio parts faithfully live for probably that same reason, but then again he can get away with free forming things, I can't, because the audience demands that it be just like the record with a copy band.

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    Howdew Mud, Just caught your video,way to jump in the deep end with "CHARTREUSE". I'm trying 'OVER YOU" on bass and vocals. For some reason I can sing in Billy's voice and play bass. Ive tried singing in Dusty's range, but nobody can sing like Dusty !!..... I see your closing in on the Microphone mystery. The blue screen threw me off...........Keeps flying high with that V LW