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    Hi Sr Volto,
    Seems his rig has changed a bit since the previous video by Elwood but is still essentially the same, especially the Demeter's. I talked with Jim Demeter at the last NAMM in Anaheim, CA. and apologized for copying his iso cabinet design. He said that my build was actually flattering and not like the big companies that just plain ripped him off. Mines a little different with a removable door but basically the same as BFG's cabinets except that he uses an Eminence Governor and I use an Eminence Texas Heat. That cabinet is the best invention since sliced bread... quite an amazing piece of equipment, great for the studio and great for live performances.

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    Hi Mudsharkable-

    I think you have it. There are 2 vids with his rig - one from Premier Guitar and a new one on Music Radar from the Foxwoods gig this year. See http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/rig-tour-zz-tops-billy-gibbons-on-his-guitars-amps-and-effects-547438

    He's using a Boss multi-effects unit live with some other small things, according to Elwood. He used to have a chain of Expandoras on the stage in the "Tone-Dog", and later the Foxx Tone Machines, but he probably wasn't using them live.

    Sr. Volto