My personal Pearly Gates

Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 2:05 PM By: mudsharkable

BFG's Pearly Gates is of course famous but there's always been one thing I never liked about Les Pauls, and that is, they're heavy! I've been playing as long as BFG and have had several guitars over the years. Most of them were just too dang heavy to have hanging from your shoulder when playing gigs. Even BFG hollows out his stage guitars including PG knockoffs he uses... they are just too heavy for old farts like us.

This brings me to my Pearly Gates which ain't no 59 Les Paul, it's another pretty rare Gibson called the 1971 Flying V Medallion - Limited Edition or as I like to refer to it as "Good Old Number 108" which is it's serial number.

A picture of it is here:

This things as light as a feather because it all mahogany and it has a ridicuously great tone even when unplugged. It has T bucker PAF's and all the other old Gibson nonsense on it and is like BFG says "made on the right day, from the right wood, with the right electronics" No other V compares to it, even the older ones. I had my choice of 10 new 71 V's to choose from... numbers 100 through 109 and number 108 was the best of that lot. It's worth a lot of bucks now-a-days but when I bought it new in 1971 it cost me a trade-in of a black Rickenbacker 330 that I had customized with 4 pickups... 2 toasters and 2 P90's. If I had some cash back then (and I didn't!) it would have cost me $249.00 plus $75.00 for the case, now the thing is worth tens of thousands of dollars... go figure.

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    The guitar I have in my avatar picture is one I built myself and I call it "old glory" for obvious reasons. I was going to hollow it out when I made it but I got rambunctious and whipped the thing together hastily. I weighed it and it comes in a 8-1/2 pounds which don't sound like much but it sure feels like 80 pounds. It must be the massive Explorer style body that causes that illusion. Tough thing about it is that it sounds so good and crunchy I hesitate to rip it apart and hollow it out, that, and the fact that I would have to re-do my tedious foot deep glass like nitrocellulose lacquer finish and airbrush art. Maybe being an oldtimer I can get away with sitting on a chair when I play it like Johnny Winter does. :-)

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    You are right...mine is startin to make me look like quasimodo after about an hour and a half without a break. Got lucky on mine, as well, just sounds good, I've got a studio lp that I put burstbuckers in, but it just aint the samr, tho it does sound good

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