Flyin High acceptance

Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 6:37 PM By: mudsharkable

I heard Flyin High about a year ago and at first I was taken-a-back by it... seemed weird for a ZZ song... very commercial. I decided to learn it anyway and it's a very simple song and fortunately I didn't need to setup some whacko tuning, straight standard E tuning, I like it when they do that. :-) Since then I introduced it to my band and they took to it quickly. I had also started reading forums and blogs about how crappy the song is and basically I don't get it. I think the song is a real gem of a song but then again I did have to listen to it a few dozen times before I understood it's beauty musically speaking. We have played it out for the last few months and the audience really takes to it, to the point of singing along with the chorus sometimes. I think ZZTop has a hit here even if trolls on the internet state otherwise. This is not to diminish the songs recently released on Texicali which kick ass for the most part, especially Chartreuse which they decided to play in D tuning! crap! now I have to have another guitar tuned to D onstage just for that one. I hope when the new album is released Flyin High is on it... great song Billy, Dusty and Frank... great song!

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    I agree with you man, it is so commercial. In my opinion, "flyin' high" is beards' worst song. But I liked beards' ep named Texicali, really. Typical zz top sound and so cool. ZZ Top does not need the songs like "flyin' high".

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    I's second that motion Mud !........Threw the years I have been in;Blues,Pop,Rock,Metal,Hardcore and Country and theres one thing I've learned, you must have a pile of guitars around for mucho tunings. The people want to hear cover songs the way there played or its off with your head. Once they complain to the club owner, your days are numbered. stay own the new stuff..... LW

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