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    Not really but as Billy Gibbons demonstrates in the Hard Rock Hollywood youtube video, he still knows the guy who has it. I basically have a Gibson Flying V from 1971 which I still play nearly every day but my cousin has accumulated some of my old equipment in his collection. He has my old Ampeg/Burns Split Sound jazz guitar (with wilddog!!!) from back in 1964 and 1/4 of my stage amp from the mid 70s which I built and designed myself plus a stomp box or two of mine. The amp is basically a bright orange 200 watt head and a single 4x12 cabinet with my "Rhino" label on it . Originally I used 2 - 200 watt heads (one tube and one solid state) and 4- 4x12 cabinets onstage. So much equipment has either been traded in or lost over the years though.

    Currently I use just a 100 watt solid state head with a single 12 in an isocabinet plus a 4x10 booster cabinet for large rooms. They are in an "Atomic Punk" style looking like 1950's military grade electronics. I still use the flying V and back that up with an Explorer. The amps and the Explorer are designed and built by me, the Explorer is a "Billy" and the amps are "Parsons", both of which are my own personal brands... Im not really into using third party stuff like Marshalls, Sunns, Fenders or Hiwatts anymore.

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    Hey again, Great story. Do you still have any of your vintage amps???

    Cheers Craigo