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    We had the pleasure of once again watching and listening to BFG, Frank, and Dusty tear it up in pure ZZ-style last night at the Hard Rock Live at Universal in Orlando. The absolute highlight was meeting and talking to the Boys backstage and the photo op with them. The most down-to-earth and engaging trio of people you'll ever meet if you get a chance. Thanks again, Amigos for making it real for 40 years and still going strong.

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    Hi back at you. I saw ZZ at Seminole Hard Rock last time in 2011. But, this tour I passed on it to go for the 2 consecutive Friday night shows in Florida at St. Augustine and the following Friday night across the state at Estero. Also, I wanted to do another Meet and Greet and it didn't look like the Seminole stop was offering that option. I see you are from the Treasure Coast too!

    Rock on!!

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