A dream come true

Thu, May 3, 2012 at 4:33 PM By: The Monroes

How many people have the honour of jamming with the great Billy Gibbons. On March 24 we shared the honour in a small town in New Zealand on a rainy night of playing 4 songs with the great man. Sharp Dressed Man, Cheap Sunglasses, Le Grange and Tush.
He was playing one of his Signature Les Paul's that we'd borrowed from a Music Shop and to say the least it was a very memorable night.
Here is some video of us with Billy, check it out:
http://youtu.be/g6PbecTiOX4 – Sharp Dressed Man
http://youtu.be/TjlpFkULcvY – La Grange
http://youtu.be/3pH11yiNsE8 – Cheap Sunglasses
http://youtu.be/udNXlqkKa50 – Tush

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    Awesome, we meet him (and his hot rod buddy Pete Chappouris) when he was here in '09 for Marineland Rodders rod run up in Napier. Got him to sign my FlameKat then that night he played a few tunes at the dinner, Bloody Awesome!! I video'd it but about a year ago we had a computer "melt down" and lost Everything.

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    WOW!! Monroes, that is great for you! Color me jealous as hell, LOL! Looked like a lot of fun, did you get a chance to play the Pearly Gates re-issue at all?

  3. senor_volto avatar

    Thanks for sharing those videos - the band sounds really good. A few of cool things to notice - you can see a Gibson custom sticker on the pickguard of that showroom axe, the laid-back tempo of LaGrange is nice, and Billy doesn't use a slide on Tush.

    Sr. Volto

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    Amazing :)

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