Meet and Greet misleads ZZ Top's fans

Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 4:22 PM By: SherriD

First of all, concert was awesome! We bought the diamond package for ZZ Topp's show at the Fox Theater in Bakersfield, Ca. VERY disappointed...not allowed to: shake hands or talk to the band and ABSOLUTELY no asking the band to autograph ANYTHING!! It was NOT a meet and greet, but a photo op only!!! So, if anyone else buys the diamond package do not expect anything other than a very quick photo with the band and a quick out the door ya go! BUYER BEWARE is right!!! They didn't even take our names down when they took our picture, so I have no idea how they're going to know where to mail our picture to!!!

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    I only wish I had read your blog before I purchase my VIP package. We just went to Agua Caliente Casino, and was treated the same way. Nothing but a Cattle Call. Very disappointed. What the hell is the $150.00 for???? Oh and the photos are here on the website for you to download, Hopefully you can? And no one will be mailing anyting to you. Very disappointed. I cant believe that ZZ Top is allowing this.....

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    I was Winnipeg (March 13/2014) and I would of liked more time with them the but guys looked exhausted, I gave the Band each a jacket from the car club I am in. They look surprised that I gave them it and asked if they could sign my jacket and they did and they were surprised and they offered to shake my hand. I was careful not to hurt them that is their livelihood. I would pay the same to go again to see them. .
    Pablo towards the end of concert the bass was too loud and was distorting and the voices for the front row should have been a little louder
    St. Eustache Mb.

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    I just did a meet and greet in Winnipeg (March 13) and have nothing but praise. Pablo was very professional and friendly. He offered an explanation as to why the band does not generally allow handshakes and at no time told us to not talk to the band, Once the band came out they answered a couple questions then got into the photo ops. Once photos were done one of the woman was brave enough to ask if they would sign something and after a very brief hesitation Billy agreed and all 3 signed for whoever had something and they also stuck around for a few minutes chatting. Now keep in mind this was a very small group of just 6 people which may have made a difference as far as autographs went but regardless it was well worth the money paid.

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    Hi, first time here. I have an odd question and don't know if anyone can help me. My boss (who is not in the music business) wrote a song and said he wanted to send it over to ZZ Top for them to see if they wanted to record it. I know its a long shot, but how can I contact a ZZ Top Management rep and mail them something or email them something. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    @dochaliday We received an email with an attachment where you could download your picture and have it printed out yourself. The lithograph took several months, but I realize the band had to sign a lot of them and expected it to take a while to receive. I first posted on this in August 2012.

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    I was very sad to learn the guys aren't playing Memphis Music Fest!! I was really looking forward to seeing them again!! Disappointed!:(

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    When did you post this? Just curious how you got your photo (assuming you did get it) as I will be doing an M&G next week.

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    Well, it is good to know what to expect ahead of time. I don't think ANY meet and greets you really get much more than an autograph and a couple of quick words if you're lucky. I can see with the hand shaking, if they are touring, they can't afford to get sick and miss concert dates.

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    Dear Frank,

    I was wondering if you would like to come play at a nice concert arena in ST. Charles, ILL. It is indoor and quite nice.
    There has been alot of top notch bands that have played here. The arena is called Arcadia. I am sure that you would be able to sell out all seats for many nights. Being a big ZZ Top fan I do know the owner and could set you up to play there.. Please consider this offer.

    Gene Quintell

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    I've read a lot of varying comments about the "Meet and Greet." I can understand the inclination to want to meet musicians that you really like and/or feel a connection with. But, I don't think I would ever pay to meet anyone (but that's just me). I find it odd that it is even offered. I have to wonder about the person that came up with that money making scheme.

    Anyway, if they play Memphis in May Musicfest again this year, I'll still be right up front looking Dusty in the eyes again, singing and dancing my ass off.

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