Meet and Greet misleads ZZ Top's fans

Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 4:22 PM By: SherriD

First of all, concert was awesome! We bought the diamond package for ZZ Topp's show at the Fox Theater in Bakersfield, Ca. VERY disappointed...not allowed to: shake hands or talk to the band and ABSOLUTELY no asking the band to autograph ANYTHING!! It was NOT a meet and greet, but a photo op only!!! So, if anyone else buys the diamond package do not expect anything other than a very quick photo with the band and a quick out the door ya go! BUYER BEWARE is right!!! They didn't even take our names down when they took our picture, so I have no idea how they're going to know where to mail our picture to!!!

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    Yeah, it really does sound like everyone who got the Diamond package got scammed!

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    I love the band, but if the autographs on the posters are fake and the meet and greet is only a photo op (VIP package promises a meet and greet AND a photo), that is fraud. The show was great, but I haven't gotten my poster and I only got 10 secs standing by the band for the photo. I suggest a class action law suit alleging fraud and breach of contract. Perhaps that would get someone's attention.

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    Like their Nnew song states: "I GOTSTA TO GET PAID"

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    I also has VIP diamond passes and want to a show with 4 friends.. The seats and show were great. Having seen ZZ Top before I was really looking forward to the meet and greet. Which Was a major disappointment. We couldn't shake their hands... Get anything signed.... They did not converse with the fans at all.. So instead of saying it was a meet and greet. They should have said " you can stand next to them and get a picture taken by some chick who has no clue how to use a camera".. Pablo was a nice guy.. But the young lady who was doing the talking was a rude little snot and thought she was entitled.. She acted like she was high and mighty or something. Talking back to fans waiting in the room. Being from Texas myself. I can tell you that Hollywood and stardom has taken over the Texas boys. It's a real shame. To even have fans at this stage in th game is huge. The least they could do is look over these complaints and see that they are fixed. Very very disappointing.

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    The impression I get is that the boys dont really know what is going on regarding that part of the business. They know of the complaints, but there are too many inbetween peeps. I did not get VIP for upcoming San Antonio is GA and did not wanna stand for all that time. Got good seats anyway! Now I know why peeps go up to stage and have someone take pic of them with band in backgroud....costs less than a VIP Happy to hear it was a great show....this will be my first, havent been able to for 35 years, something always came up!

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    The band was very kind though, they did smile and seemed appreciative when we had our picture taken...just should inform the fans what to expect for the meet and greet.

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    i like this band but its all about money

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    I have followed this band for ALL 4 decades from Buffalo, to DC, MD, Louisiana, MS, TX and now WA. State. This band owes their fans a better meet and greet for that kind of money

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    Im sorry to hear about your experience. Your photo will be uploaded to this site, under the "photos and videos" section.

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