1. Craigo avatar

    That era would have been awesome. My first time was 1987.

  2. Bluzst8 avatar

    I have seen them five or six times; my first being the Tres Hombre tour in 1973 or 1974.

  3. Craigo avatar

    Is this the first time you've seen them???

  4. Bluzst8 avatar

    I thought that was so cool Twinredzz. I was with a friend and we talked about how many performers would do that. We decided not many. Billy is a true Texan and showed his class that night! So what did you do with the Rio Grande Mud album?

  5. TWINREBZZ avatar

    I was there too with my twin 9 year old boyzz. Billy got em up on stage. Haven't slept since!